A few SEO tips for beginners

SEO sounds a bit complicated at first, whether you want to rank locally in Denver or nationally. But you can quickly get into the basics. Google “thinks” more and more like a human being, which has changed the criteria for successful search engine optimization in recent years.

The most important principle: You should not optimize your website for Google, but for the users – potential clients. Everything that gives real people a pleasant experience on the site – clarity, intuitive navigation, informative content, short loading times, mobile optimization – also pleases the overpowering search engine.

Our Concise SEO List

  • In order to identify suitable keywords, one should ask oneself for which keywords one would like to be found – and what clients could be looking for. These can be, for example, studio focal points such as print finishing, wedding invitations or business equipment.
  • Tools such as Ubersuggest or Answer The Public are also helpful in identifying other relevant keywords.
  • Every file that you upload to your website, such as photos of previous work, should have the appropriate keywords, not internal abbreviations. So they rather appear in the Google image search (example: StudioName_Animation_Illustration_CustomerName).
  • In order to keep the loading time of all photos on the website as short as possible, you should always use compressed file formats (JPEG or PNG).
  • Google prefers current content. If you get new material or additional information about previous projects, you should update them.
  • If you enjoy writing (and have time for it), you can set up a blog as a subpage and insert reports there from time to time (Ideas for topics): Conference Recaps, background for working on a special project). Longer texts of about 300 words or more are generally rated better.
  • Are there good videos about projects or similar? Gladly integrate – Videos lead to visitors staying longer on the site, whereby Google concludes on satisfied users.
  • For better findability, it is worthwhile to enter the Studio contact data with Google My Business and Google Maps.
  • Be patient and stay tuned! It is quite normal that SEO measures do not take effect immediately, but only lead to more visibility after a while.