See Jane

The Institute and its programming arm, See Jane, work collaboratively with decision makers, content creators, and teaching institutions through our workshops, training sessions and research-backed content evaluation and recommendations. The Institute's community educational outreach aim to inspire and sensitize the next generation of content creators to focus on gender equality and reducing stereotyping in children's media.

Gender Equality
Lessons for Schools

In partnership with USA TODAY Education, we proudly present a new series of lessons focused on gender, self-image and equality.

This eight-lesson curriculum introduces topics such as media and bullying in the context of gender equality and children's entertainment programming.

USA TODAY Education

Browse student lessons and companion teacher guides.

Guess Who?
Video Learning Series

In partnership with ITVS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Women and Girls Lead campaign, we've created our "Guess Who?" children's educational program. It's a series of videos and curriculum designed to teach young children to challenge gender stereotypes.


Download the curriculum and watch
all the videos in the series.

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